Friday, 3 June 2011

Pompeii style bread & pizza oven

We have now been in Homelands for just over a year, and decided to clear up some old stone left by the previous owner, and 'recycle' it by building a Pompeii style bread & pizza oven.
This has now reached the stage of a workable oven - and a beauty it is as it doubles up as a BBQ and food-smoker. Some final touches still need to be applied but that's all cosmetic.

Parties of 4 or more booking into Homelands B&B are now offered a 'pizza experience' where you make up your own pizza's, bake them in our out-door oven, and eat them - we will supply all the ingredients. We will demonstrate the basics to you but you'll have to do all the hard work yourself. As we're not licensed to sell alcohol you may bring your own drinks and wines.
Here are some pictures of one I made a few years ago:

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