Saturday, 18 June 2011

Kitchen Composter

Most of our household waste is already sorted and recycled, but we have always had a problem with food waste which can't be composted, such as chicken bones, fish bones & heads and cooked food left-overs. This has to be collected in a special little bin which gets rather smelly and in itself forms a food safety risk if it is kept in or near the kitchen.
The solution appears to be the so-called 'Bokashi' composter which uses a bran-based material that has been fermented with EM ('friendly' bacteria) and dried for storage. Adding the Bokashi to the special closed bin and the organic food waste starts an anaerobic fermentation of the organic matter which does not produce adverse smells. The end-product can be added to your normal compost heap, and a reservoir under in the compost bin collects a liquid which can be tapped off and used for the fertilisation of plants and vegetables. The liquid can even be used to clear drains or septic systems and as such prevents algae build-up and controls odours. 

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