Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Eco-logs for the wood burners

When looking into all issues relating to fire wood and wood burners we came across this local company: The Briquette Company, from Cheltenham. They produce 'Easy-Logs' made out of sawdust. As they offer a free 10Kg trial bag we decide to test the product.
The product is sawdust briquettes: Locally produced premium quality wood briquettes branded as Easy-Logs. They manufacture the briquettes from locally sourced, environmentally friendly clean 100% recycled sawdust which can be purchased on-line directly through our website as well as through local stockists. It is claimed that Briquettes are a greener, better more sustainable solid fuel to traditional logs for your Log Burner, Wood Burning Stove, Open Fire and Chimenea.  Beautifully packaged Easy-Logs are more economic, burn better, are more environmentally friendly and produce less harmful pollutants than traditional firewood logs.
It was easy to claim our free bag, and we placed a follow-up order of 25 bags to help us through the Winter with our temporary shortage of seasoned logs, as we have only just started producing our own wood.
The online ordering and delivery process is efficient, and the product looks good and smells lovely. (Think fresh sawdust – which is exactly what it is!). We are using some 6-7 ‘Easy-Logs’ each time we light the woodburner, with a few bits of newspaper, some kindling and just one small block of firelighter. Within minutes you have a roaring fire and a lot of heat, after which we start adding our own logs. Sometimes if we neglect the fire we add a few more ‘Easy-Logs’ to quickly re-establish it.
Nothing beats a proper seasoned (=dry) wood log, in our view, but as a supplementary product used together with traditional fire wood we think we will continue to use ‘Easy-Logs’ as a stand-by and supplementary product.

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