Friday, 5 November 2010

Saving energy costs with a woodburner

We have had some independent energy advise from a local Charity, Vision21. The various suggestions made and questions raised made us look again at a planned investment in new technology (An Air Source Heat pump) - see the previous post.
It actually made a lot of sense to go back to basics and utilise our (free) supply of fire wood from our garden for space heating, replacing a fire place (80% of energy produced  lost through the chimney) with a woodburner (Only 20% of energy produced is lost through the chimney).
With other words: A woodburner is a very efficient space heater and adds atmosphere and a focal point to our living spaces. We choose a 'Westfire Unique 26' for our Family Room - it looks great and throws out a massive amount of heat. Later this year we will replace an open fire in a small sitting room with an inset woodburner.
In a next post we will go into more detail about producing fire wood, the ins and outs of logging at home, short rotation cropping, types of wood that are suitable, and what tools are required.

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