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Announcing the winner of the Eco-quiz on the 27th. June 2010

We would like to thank all guests who attended our 'Open Day' and  BBQ on Sunday the 27th. June. Some of you will remember the day because England was knocked out of the World Cup. We will remember the day as one of superb weather and a good time with locals, neighbours, family and friends old and new. We also like to thank you all for the lovely presents: Flowers, plants, wines, chocolates, cards.... sadly we lost track which present was from whom - but thank you all so much!

We were rather overwhelmed by the amount of Eco-quizzes completed and returned to us. Checking the answers has been entertaining - and sad as well. Entertaining because of some very funny answers, for example Q19: 'Recharged Batteries'. Hmm (Thank you Helen. Very funny. No, really).  Sad because of the truly heartbreaking level of general knowledge shown with regards to the issues relating to Global Warming. With one or two exceptions of course - therefore well done to the winners and runner ups!

So..let's just quickly run through the questions and answers:

Eco-quiz: ‘Open day’ Sunday the 27th. June ‘10
Welcome to Homelands!  Please take a walk in the garden and take part in this Eco-quiz. You can win a great prize: A voucher for 1 night B&B in our best       King Size Double en-suite room, ‘Sudeley’, value £90,                                            for yourself or for you to give away to visiting friends and family.

Tips to help you complete this: Visit our website and our Eco-Blog ; walk round the garden and see for yourself; Google it; guess, cheat, or ask our resident Zoologist!

  1. The purpose of the 2 wooden crates to the left near the hedge is: Compost wormery.
  2. Name 2 of the varieties of tomatoes grown at Homelands: Correct answers are: Italian Plum, Losetto, Beafsteak, Shirley.
  3. How many bat boxes have been placed in the trees? 3
  4. Write down the registration number of the barn-owl box: 2383
  5. Why is it important to leave some piles of old logs to rot? Habitat for insects, small mammals, toads.
  6. Estimate the amount of tadpoles swimming in the pond: Using the scientific method of extrapolating we estimate approx. 1,500
  7. The ‘conservation grade’ seed mixture used for the meadow is called: Pollen & Nectar mix
  8. How many newly planted willows are still alive? 6
  9. What is the purpose of the plastic around the base of the new willows?  Protection against deer and rabbits.
  10. What type of fruit is grown on the second small fruit tree on the left? Cherries
  11. Which hemi-parasitic plant is found in our orchard? Mistletoe
  12. The damage caused to the patio is because of an important archaeological dig, exposing a so far unknown Roman Mosaic. True or False? False.
  13. Guess the annual energy bill for Homelands! (Your guess is as good as ours!) Every answer was awarded 1 point.
  14. Why does growing timber and using it for fire wood not contribute to Global Warming? Energy from burning timber is carbon-neutral.
  15. Name the species of deer often seen drinking from our pond: Muntjac
  16. Which species of pigeon has a 5-toned song? Woodpigeon.
  17. Erik ‘harvests wild food’. Hmm. What are they talking about? Correct answers are any of these: Mushrooms, berries, elderflower, nuts, game, rabbits, woodpigeons, grey squirrels.
  18. Why are hedges so important for wildlife? Shelter from predators, habitat, nesting, source of food.
  19. How do you call chickens rescued from a commercial farmer towards the end of their intensive production life? Rescue chickens.
  20.  What do you call the archaeological feature of equally sized strips of medieval farmland still visible in the garden? Ridge and Furrow.
  21. Which type of insect does Nikki plan to keep? Honey bees.

1.  AND THE WINNERS ARE..........

In 3rd. Place: Mr Ed Reilly with 14 points
Runner-up: MT Green with 17 points
But in 1st. Place: Maggie Richards with 19 points!

Many congratulations Maggie - we will post you a voucher you can use for family or friends...or for a romantic night away from home for you and Ian!

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