Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Pollen and nectar

We have recently sawn 2 Kg of mixed seeds 'conservation grade' of a so called 'pollen and nectar' mix. Pollen and nectar mixtures provide flowering plants throughout spring and summer to supply food for insects such as butterflies and bumblebees. Some insects, such as bumblebees, are vital pollinators of crops and wild flowers. Bumblebees have declined as suitable plants, such as red clover, have become scarcer in the countryside.
These, and other insects, benefit from sowing flower-rich mixtures. Hoverflies are especially attracted to flowering plants and will lay eggs wherever there is an abundance of aphids for their larvae to feed on, thus helping to reduce numbers of these pests in nearby crops. The general increase in insects attracted to these mixtures also provides food for birds.

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