Saturday, 27 February 2010

Totally new to Blogging, I decided to set up a Blog to amuse and surprise friends, family and guests with short stories about the creation of a new small home-business, 'Homelands Bed and Breakfast', which my wife and I plan to open in the next 4-5 weeks.
At this point I don't know where this Blog will go - and I invite comments and suggestions.

Once possible route would be to focus on interesting stories about wildlife around the house, the environment, green issues and environmental credentials.

Another possible route would be to focus on issues relating to the Law, rules, regulations, red tape, licenses and interference - or assistance- by inspectors and officials. All in a light-hearted manner of course.

A third option would be to create a Blog about the 'human' element of running a small Hospitality business:

I can assure you that after some 22 years working in hotels and restaurants I have an interesting collection of stories and can recall many incidents with staff or guests, some funny, some sad, some pretty unbelievable. Let's just say that all the incidents acted out in 'Faulty Towers' have happened to me in my businesses over the years: Fires, floods, power cuts, being snowed in for days, robberies, theft, deaths, Health Inspectors creating mayhem in the kitchen, and very bad and embarrassing misunderstandings relating to bookings, reservations, room no's, meetings, dates, room keys, and the pets, sex, age or preferences of my guests.

While contemplating what form or shape this Blog should take I urge you to save the following URL to your favourites and revisit it in the next 3-4 weeks once our initial website is up and running:


  1. why don't you talk about how you banged your heads. Why else would you want to go back into hospitality? Simon.

  2. Yeah Simon...but: This time- No staff. NO STAFF!!!